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We are the inventors and manufacturers of
Tieramid® Creative Blocks™

Wholesale Buyers

Attention Store, Catalog and Internet Retailers. To add Tieramid products to your inventory, please contact the following distributors.

In the United States:
B.E. Creative
50 Waterbury Rd. • Suite 222
Prospect, CT 06712

Outside the US:
Hillary Craft Co., Ltd.
Richard Jia
(Shanghai Hillary Craft Co., Ltd.)
Rm 1818 Tonghua Mansion
No.345 Jinxiang Road
New Pudong District
Shanghai, China PC: 201206
Tel: +86 21 6856 6401
Fax: +86 21 5874 6326
Email: sale@hillarycraft.com
Http:// www.HillaryCraft.com

Retail Customers

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Our products comply with both US (ASTM) and European (EN-71) standards for the testing and manufacturing of safe toys.

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